Our Suiseki Exhibition at the San Francisco, California, Asian Art Museum - 2007

By Felix Rivera

In November, 2007, the California Suiseki Society, held our three-week exhibition in the prestigious Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. The 1917 building is an architectural gem featuring a dynamic blend of beaux arts and modern elements designed by the famous Italian architect Gae Aulenti (designer of the Musée d'Orsay, in Paris). I had made contact with Deborah Clearwaters, the manager of Public Programs about a year and a half earlier, and our dream was finally realized in November.

Reflecting on Suiseki

Our exhibition was held in conjunction with the famous artist Hiroshige Sugimoto’s exhibition of sculpted fashions, and his best know large-format photography, and “found art”. The signage (see photograph) helped make guests think about the overlapping themes of found art between Sugimoto-san and our suiseki. Thirty-four suiseki were on exhibit and our invited guests included our friends Hideko Metaxas, Ted and Reiko Kameda, and Mas Nakajima. Hideko generously accepted the invitation to be in charge of setting up the exhibition, which she accomplished with her usual artistry and aplomb. She also loaned us some tables and chose not to exhibit so that we could have more space of our stones.

Our suiseki were a smashing success, achieving our goals beyond our expectations. We not only educated the majority of the guests, we also educated the majority of the museum staff that had known nothing about suiseki before our exhibition. Enjoy the photographs.


the Hall Hall 2

These photos show the unique presentation used by the museum; black drapes and table cloths were used as a neutral color. The photo on the left shows one of the atriums designed by Gae Au lent so as to open the old building to natural light. The photo in the background of the left photo is by Sugimoto-san of his sculpted fashions.

our exhibit

The photo below is the multimedia area where the TV is showing my slide show of suiseki photos. There's a poster also designed by me called "Suiseki Aesthetics", and another two signs flanking the media show.

multimedia area

Below is a photograph of the exterior of the San Francisco California's Asian Art Museum

Asian Art Museaum

Frank Mather

Frank Mather

Henry van der Voort

Henry Van Der Voort

Eorl Carlson

Eorl Carlson

Bob Carlson

Bob Carlson

Ted and Reiko Kameda

Ted & Reiko Kameda

Toby Trezona

Toby Trezona

Bob and Polly Gould

Bob & Polly Gould

Felix G. Rivera

Felix Rivera

Below is a photograph of the Museum Tea House tokonoma

displaying Hideko Metaxas' scroll and Mas Nakajima's Mt. "Fuji" suiseki

Museum Tea House