Keiseki Hirotsu

Reiko & Ted Kameda

Ted and Reiko are unique in suiseki circles; they began collecting over 30 years ago and have been collecting together since then. They live in Palo Alto, California, and are members of the Kashu Suiseki Kai, a suiseki club that has been in existence for 34 years, the oldest suiseki club in the Western Hemisphere.

Ted has been the president of the club for the last 12 years.Ted and Reiko look for simple lines on their suiseki: distant mountains views, or toyama, for example, and dark-colored stones. They like suiseki that have a lot of shibui; a sense of reservedness, refinement and quietude. Shibui is especially demonstrated in a suiseki's texture; with subtlety and understatement being their norm.