Luciana's photo

Luciana Queirolo

Luciana has a unique suiseki style: she favors larger stones, and has an artistic flair for creating, not just a miniature suiseki scene, but also an emotionally powerful drama. Be it a feeling of desolation and loneliness, or a sense of complexity and drama, her style is unmistakable.

She often uses very large suiban to help create the drama via an expansive scene. Luciana is an accomplished pictorial artist, a flair she puts to good use in her suiseki art.

Luciana also makes her own daiza and does her own cleaning of her stones which are infamous for having a cement-like encrustation of mud that must be taken off with wire wheels mounted on a drill or hand press. Some of these stones measure up to three feet (90cm) in size!

I first made contact with Luciana via a letter in 1993. We met face-to-face in Caen, France, in 1996, then again in Palencia, Spain, in 1996, and Italy numerous times through the ensuing years including the most recent visit i September-October, 2006. Luciana visited with my family and me in November of 1996, where I had the pleasure of introducing her to the uniquenesses of Northern California stone collecting, and cool restaurants of San Francisco.

The warm friendship we share will be treasured forever. See my Suiseki Articles page to read brief articles about past trips, and the most recent article from my 2006 trip.