San Francisco Suiseki Kai

The San Francisco Suiseki Kai was founded 26 years ago by Kojiro and Eiko Iwasaki. Its instructor, or sensei, was Keiseki Hirotsu, who was invited to be its sensei by Iwasaki-san. He also invited Nanjo-san to join the club. Hirotsu-san was also the sensei of the Kashu Suiseki Kai. After Hirotsu-sanís passing, Ben Nanjo Houseki became its sensei for many years. I had the honor of being a member for over 15 years; my tenure there was very educational and enjoyable. It allowed me to meet talented artists like Hideko Metaxas and Mas Nakajima.

The images below are from their 24th Annual Exhibition.

General View
Black Suiseki
Mitsuko Okimoto