"Suiseki is the art of attempting to represent natural phenomena, from landscape to the grand universe, using a stone only a few inches to a foot and a half in size. Suiseki revives, refreshes, and enriches the mind. I recommend it highly."

From the Forward to my book by Arishige Matsuura, Chairperson, of the Japanese Suiseki Association, Tokyo, Japan.

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"The art of suiseki begins with the collection of stones in nature and culminates in a sense of beauty and in an emotional and spiritual relationship between the field collector and the stone. Suiseki's charm and attraction as a hobby lies in its elegant simplicity: a stone in its natural state is admired for its unique shape, color, and mineral properties, or for the way it provokes memories of events and times past. A well-proportioned suiseki satisfies the eye, yet inspires awe as, through the process of scaling, it reproduces a famous mountain in miniature. A suiseki can also be treasured as a spiritual and philosophical construct, a metaphor in stone that helps us connect with and understand those things we value in life. . . . The art of suiseki can easily become a way of life as we plan more and more collecting trips in search of that perfect stone, which, of course, is never found." - From my book, Suiseki: the Japanese Art of Miniature Landscape Stones, by your host, Felix G. Rivera.

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I announce with pleasure and satisfaction that my book has been sold out! I extend my humble thanks to those of you that purchased it. I am currently working on the second edition and will let you know when it is released.

Suiseki: The Japanese Art of Miniature Landscape Stones