Associazione Italiana Amatori Suiseki

The Associazione Italiana Amatori Suiseki was formed in 1998. It was the first all-Italy suiseki club to be formed. Its first president was Vito Di Venere. The club held its first exhibition, or Congresso Nazionale, on October 10-11, 1998. I was honored by being invited to judge the exhibition.

The exhibition took place at Castelfranco Emilia, not far from the city of Modena. Over 95 quality suiseki were exhibited. Too many suiseki collectors are quick to label average suiseki as masterpieces, confusing aficionados as to the standards used to identify a suiseki as a true masterpiece or meiseki. Although I have written about aesthetic standards both in my book and in the "Aesthetics & Evaluation" page of my web site, we need to be careful in the way we apply standards to stones. One of the best ways to learn is by studying suiseki at exhibitions, or, if that's not possible, by way of publications or quality web sites. Judging the Italian suiseki clearly impressed me with their elegant qualities; even a cursory examination of the images below cannot but lead all viewers to conclude the same.

I was honored by being invited to judge the 2007 exhibition in October, in Florence. The suiseki continue to charm me with their compositions, textures and shapes. In addition to magnificent palombino stones (Ligurian), there were more examples of abstract pattern suiseki collected in the river Arno, and suiseki collected on Italian islands and neighboring countries.

For more Italian suiseki photographs visit Luciana Queirolo's page as well as my New and News page that will have articles and photographs of Italian suiseki in the months to come.

the club

Group Photo - The Florence Exhibition

Andrea Schenone

This Ligurian masterpiece was collected by Andrea Schenone. The suiseki won Best in Show.

Luciana Queirolo


Luciana Queirolo's small suiseki.

Below you will find my friend, Andrea Schenone, exploring

Andrea Schenone

and looking for the perfect stone...